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Beard Contest

Beard Contest logo.pngA unique way that Frontier Days celebrates our roots is by hosting our historic Beard Contest. Starting in 1938, a beard growing contest has been often held at Frontier Days to boost community spirits. Swift Current became known as the “Bearded City” and contestants come from all over the great Southwest to attend and compete. 


2022 Winners: 

Longest - Devon Oman

Best Groomed - Dillon Wanner

Most Unique - Kim Squires  

Longest - Devon Oman.jpg  Best Groomed - Dillon Wanner.jpg   Most Original - Kim Squires.jpg


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The Swift Current Agricultural and Exhibition Association is a non-profit organization with a mandate to provide service to, and enhance the life of residents in the areas of agriculture, entertainment, sport and culture to the community and the region. Through the delivery of these programs we contribute greatly to the community of Swift Current. On an annual basis we purchase over one million dollars’ worth of goods and services, utilize more than 20,000 volunteer hours and attract over 200,000 people annually.

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