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NOTE: A negative Coggins test is RECOMMENDED for ALL horses.

Thank you to the 2021 4-H Steer Sale Buyers

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4-H Clubs from all over Saskatchewan come to the Swift Current Frontier Days to compete in many Livestock and Lighthorse competitions. Frontier Days 2020 will run from June 24 to June 27. The Livestock schedule includes events such as: steer shows and sales, showmanship competitions, grooming competitions, and many more. The Lighthorse schedule includes events such as: a Lighthorse show, speed events, and judging competitions. Come on down to Frontier Days and show your support for the 4-H members.

To All 4-H Beef Leaders,

We would appreciate it if you could inform all of your members coming to Frontier Days 2020 about the rules of the photography area. In the past, there have been some issues and we would like everyone to be aware of these rules so we can avoid any confrontations this year.

Just-A-Few Fotos, Janice Marshall, was the official photographer for Frontier Days 2019. She and/or any of her staff had the exclusive rights to the backdrop. No other picture taking was allowed at any time in this area. Pictures could be taken anywhere else on the grounds, but not in this space.

After the 2020 Frontier Days, photos can be found on:

Thank-you for your co-operation,

 - The Livestock Committee.



Direct criticism or interference, of verbal or physical form, with judges, fair or show management, other exhibitors, employees, volunteers, or show officials, before, during, or after Frontier Days is prohibited. In the furtherance of their official duty, all judges, fair or show management, exhibitors, or other show officials shall be treated with courtesy, co-operation and respect and no person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct toward them. If this should occur, persons will be removed by security from Kinetic Exhibition Park.