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After more than a year, the Great South West, along with the rest of the world, has weathered and endured shutdowns and restrictions caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19.  It has been a challenge to all of us and, at the very least, life style changes as we have rallied together to face this enemy that most of us do not understand.  Despite these setbacks, our rally cray has been “We will press on. We will be back!” as we push toward the future and a brighter tomorrow.  

This too will pass and we will continue to move forward as we always have.
Until all restrictions are lifted, it is our determination to follow and comply with the efforts our provincial leaders are doing to help us through this time. 
Thank you for your patience throughout this time, and we very much look forward to meeting with you again for the many events and activities planned for the near future. 
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Daily Covid-19 cases in Saskatchewan 

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