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Midway Provided by West Coast Amusements

2019 Midway Hours:

  • Wednesday, June 26, 4:00PM - midnight
  • Thursday, June 27, noon - midnight
  • Friday, June 28, noon - midnight
  • Saturday, June 29, noon - midnight


2019 i-Ride Passes - AVAILABLE closer to Spring 2019

For more information, call 306-773-2944.

We will not have pricing or i-Ride tickets until closer to June 2019.


West Coast Amusements' Mission Statement

WCA is dedicated to being one of Canada's leading traveling amusement (carnival) companies. We will achieve this goal on the strengths of our people. WCA will consistently deliver the greatest entertainment for all ages, cost effectively, maintaining a safe, environmentally friendly, and fun service. We will earn a fair return on the investments in rides, games, food, other equipment and our people. Above all, we will earn confidence and respect of our clients through a continued commitment to total customer satisfaction.

WCA History

West Coast Amusements is a Canadian company with offices and Winter Quarters in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Company Presidents Bingo and Jackie Hauser have lived in Langley, BC for over 50 years.

What We Do

We specialize in supplying amusement equipment to provide safe, clean, family fun at a wide variety of fairs, exhibitions, rodeos, special events and other promotional activities.

We employ approximately 350 people every year and have four individual units that travel all over Western Canada and Washington State.

How We Started

West Coast Amusements was founded in 1962 by our current President, "Bingo" Hauser, who has been in show business since the mid forties. Raised and educated in Brandon, Manitoba, Bingo started traveling with carnivals at a very early age and became well versed in the business by operating a number of rides and concessions.

When he first went out on his own Bingo started an animal show, which is where the Lion in the WCA logo comes from. Bingo eventually sold the animals to zoos, bought a Merry Go Round and gradually built West Coast Amusements into the major Midway operation it is today.

Where We Are Today

Robert and Wendy Hauser, son and daughter-in-law of Bingo and Jackie Hauser, have created their own Unit and Business which is exclusive to West Coast Amusements' operations and fair runs. Bob and Wendy have built an efficient, clean and safe show bringing many new innovations to the traveling amusement industry. Bob manages all operations while Wendy manages the show office.

Stephanie and Rino Buttazzoni, daughter and son-in-law of Bob and Wendy Hauser, also play a role in West Coast Amusements' midway operations. Rino is a fully certified Heavy Duty Mechanic and Stephanie owns and operates two Cotton Candy trailers, a Pizza trailer and Slushie stands.

Robbie Jr., son of Bob and Wendy Hauser, travels on Grandma Jackie's Unit. Robbie owns his own Concession Business and has started purchasing rides as well as operating ten game concessions and managing the entire show.

Jaclyn and Darcy Benson, daughter and son-in-law of Bob and Wendy Hauser, travel on their parents' Unit. Jaclyn helps her mom in the office and manages a Game while Darcy is a forman of two Rides and is learning how to run the operation from his father-in-law Bob.

Direct criticism or interference, of verbal or physical form, with judges, fair or show management, other exhibitors, employees, volunteers, or show officials, before, during, or after Frontier Days is prohibited. In the furtherance of their official duty, all judges, fair or show management, exhibitors, or other show officials shall be treated with courtesy, co-operation and respect and no person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct toward them. If this should occur, persons will be removed by security from Kinetic Exhibition Park.