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Hansen Park

Wobbly Water Balls

Wobbly Water Balls is a fun exhibit for the whole family. It allows you to walk on water without getting wet! Don’t think it’s only meant for kids, they have had people in their 70s and 80s come and try it out who ended up having a blast! It’s the perfect way to spend a hot summer day without getting your clothes wet!

Direct criticism or interference, of verbal or physical form, with judges, fair or show management, other exhibitors, employees, volunteers, or show officials, before, during, or after Frontier Days is prohibited. In the furtherance of their official duty, all judges, fair or show management, exhibitors, or other show officials shall be treated with courtesy, co-operation and respect and no person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct toward them. If this should occur, persons will be removed by security from Kinetic Exhibition Park.