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Bring'n Back the Beard Contest

 A Facial Hair Extravaganza!

In the early days of Frontier Days, starting in 1938, a beard growing contest was held each year to boost community spirits. Swift Current then became known as the “Bearded City”. The annual Beard Contest continued for several decades, and put Swift Current on the map when it was discussed in Parliament in Ottawa as an example of a city working to boost moral. The Swift Current Ag & Ex has brought back the beard contest for 2020 to uplift community spirits in this tough time, much as our predecessors did during the 1930’s.

Enter to win tickets to Frontier Days 2021 and a gift certificate from The Barbering Co!

Download your entry form and guidelines here →


Original Top 6

Featured above: The top six contestants from the very first Frontier City Beard Contest in 1938

Top: Russel Cape, Hugh Carter, Bill Shaw 

Bottom: J.R. Booker, Sam Dawson, Charlie Powley












Direct criticism or interference, of verbal or physical form, with judges, fair or show management, other exhibitors, employees, volunteers, or show officials, before, during, or after Frontier Days is prohibited. In the furtherance of their official duty, all judges, fair or show management, exhibitors, or other show officials shall be treated with courtesy, co-operation and respect and no person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct toward them. If this should occur, persons will be removed by security from Kinetic Exhibition Park.