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2020 Board of Directors

Jack Anning - President
Dale Anderson  -  Vice President & Equine
Bryce Burnett  -  Past President & Livestock
Stan Aikens  -  Finance Director, Commercial Exhibits, & Frontier Days Cleanup

Wade Jensen  -  Saloon & Security
Chris Martens  -  Director at Large
Rob Myers  -  Stage Security
Steve Philp  -  Doc's Town
Shayne Powell  -  Rodeo
Grant Scheirlinck  -  Ranchman's Ridin' & Recitin'
Angela Schultz  -  Entertainment
Lindsay Sletten  -  Concessions



Back (left to right): Angela Schultz, Grant Scheirlinck, Dale Anderson, Steve Philp, Lindsay Sletten
Front (left to right): Shayne Powell, Stan Aikens, Jack Anning, Bryce Burnett
Not pictured: Wade Jensen, Chris Martens, Rob Myers


Office Staff

Tracey Stevenson - Manager
John Rousseaux - Events Coordinator
Megan Muri - Administrator


Staff (Left to Right): Tracey Stevenson, Megan Muri, John Rousseaux